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What happened to Zara? Did she go to Israel to study? How is her uncle Ayub doing after leaving Kurdistan? And what became of all the Kurdish and Iraqi Jews after their arrival in Israel These are the questions my readers ask me when they finished reading The Jewish Bride, my book about Iraq’s lost Jewish past. My novel has two Kurdish women as its heroines: Rahila, who studied in Mosul to become a rabbi, and Zara who found Rahila’s diary many years after her death. These women had really come to life for my readers’, and now they wanted to know more.

So let there be more! With the book out in English and Kurdish, an Arabic version on the way, the original Dutch version (published in 2014 by Uitgeverij Jurgen Maas) already is its fourth impression, and the search underway for a publisher to realize a Hebrew version, I am planning to finally write the sequel: The Jewish Home.

The making of The Jewish Home

I plan to go to Israel this summer and do the research I need to do. To learn about the fate of the exiles from the Iraqi Jews themselves, or from their children. To visit the villages where Kurdish Jews still live. To hear about the discrimination they suffered during the first years, when the Ashkenazi Jews in power thought new-arrivals from the Arab lands were backward. The poverty they all suffered, as no one had been able to bring anything with them from Iraq. Did the younger generations still long for Iraq?

Since even before the Second World War, the Nazi influence had been substantial in Baghdad, and growing antisemitism was fed by jealousy of the riches enjoyed by some of the Jews. The departure of two thirds of Iraq’s Jews in the early Fifties left this economic power in the hands of others. How did this happen? Was it planned?  What secrets from Iraq’s Jewish past still lie hidden?

As it was in The Jewish Bride, identity will remain a main theme in the new novel. For both Zara and Rahila, Kurdistan was their home. How will Zara feel about Israel, her Jewish home? The story lines will follow Zara and Yousef, the boyfriend who traveled with her to Israel, as well as her cousin Ruth’s family’s, who Zara is living with, and the problems her uncle Ayub is surprised to encounter as he tries to integrate in Israel. Zara’s desire to publish Rahila’s diary puts her in touch with people from her grandmother’s world, who offer new insights while raising new questions.

What I need

To be able to travel to Israel and move around for two weeks, staying in decent but not expensive hotels, paying fixers/translators, I expect to need around 5000 euros. Because of my lack of income over the past year due to covid, I cannot pay this by myself. So I am asking for your support to help my new novel along. Any help is welcome; even if I do not reach my goal, I will still use your gifts to find ways to do my research in Israel.

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